Esolom Smart Plugs

Recently I decided to get a smart plug to control a fan that I like to have on when I go to sleep but I usually turn off sometime during the night.

The original plan was to control the plan with Alexa through my Echo Dot and Google Assistant from my Honor 6x Phone to simple use a voice command to turn it off instead of having to reach for it in the middle of the night or just use it as a timer.

So the product I ended up getting was Esolom Smart Plug (2 pack) at a very good promotional price at that time.

It arrived nicecly packaged and I immediately plugged in one of the plugs.

I went ahead and I downloaded the Smart Life app and I was able to connect to the plug within less than 2 minutes after I opened the app.

Same went with my Alexa (Echo Dot) and Google Assistant in my phone. I was able to add the device so no I can simply turn the fan off or on by simply saying for example “Alexa, Turn the fan on” or “Alexa, Turn the fan off”. Also if I would like to simply add a timer to the fan I can do from the Smart Life App.

Overall I am very happy with this product and most likely I would purchase another 2 pack to add to couple more devices.


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