Solo: A Star Wars Story – Review

Another week another movie!!! I am starting to love my MoviePass these days! This time went to the theater to watch my favorite smuggler’s, Han Solo, origin story and it didn’t disappoint me.

I will try to keep this review just like my other reviews, as spoiler free as it can get but I can’t hide my excitement that couple of scenes do show us why Han and our favorite Wookie, Chewbacca, are so close with each other. 

The feeling of the movie it reminded me a lot, Rogue One, not the plot but the darker feeling that it has. Although we all know and understand that this movie was made backwards, meaning that we know who Solo is (from Episode 4, 5, 6 & 7) but now lets give him a backstory, I love how through out the movie it felt like answers to questions I had since my childhood were answered.

Questions like where is Han from, what kind of name is Solo, how did Han and Chewie meet, how did Han acquire the Millenium Falcom and many many more.

The movie at some points does feel a little long, but only in couple parts, it felt like they dragged out couple of scenes for no apparent reason. But overall I it is really good and a must watch for everyone, Star Wars fan or not.

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