Avengers: Infinity War – Review

I finally went and watched Avengers: Infinity War!

So I was 2+ weeks late so what? I am not a huge fan of Avengers kind of guy! Thor and company for me are just not that exciting!

My friends wanted to see this movie so I decided to watched it as well. I used my Movie Pass for the first time for this movie and this was the first Avengers movie that I watched on the big screen. The previous two movies I ended up watching them on my 40″ TV.

I went in with no expectations and the movie kept me glued throughout. Although there were some heroes/characters that I wasn’t aware of, that didn’t stop me and shouldn’t stop anyone, from enjoying this movie. Also, this movie is packed with action and get ready to travel to many planets and parallel universes!

“This Movie is Packed with action!!!”

Besides the action, we get some very good acting by most of the Super Heroes as well and they portraying the seriousness of the threat of Thanos. Thanos is very well played and we get to see some sides of his character that we usually don’t see from the villains of Super Hero movies.

Overall it was a very good movie. I knew no spoilers and like I mentioned above I had no high expectations but this movie kept me glued to the big screen throughout.

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