FirstBuy USB Charging Station

My desk usually either has uncharged devices or a mess of cables all over the place. So I was on the market for a charging/docking station. I ended up purchasing the FirstBuy 5 Port USB Station which will allow me to charge my phone, my tablet and 3 more devices at once and everything will be nice and organized on my desk.

Check out my unboxing.

Prodiag ODBII Unboxing

I recently had my Check Engine light come on and off like every couple days on my truck. It was very annoying because every time I tried going to my mechanic the light had gone off and there were no error messages when they plugged it on their reader. After that happened couple times I decided to purchase my own ODBII reader.

My choice? ODBII Car Diagnostic by Prodiag. Check the Unboxing below.

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