FirstBuy USB Charging Station

My desk usually either has uncharged devices or a mess of cables all over the place. So I was on the market for a charging/docking station. I ended up purchasing the FirstBuy 5 Port USB Station which will allow me to charge my phone, my tablet and 3 more devices at once and everything will be nice and organized on my desk.

Check out my unboxing.

Prodiag ODBII Unboxing

I recently had my Check Engine light come on and off like every couple days on my truck. It was very annoying because every time I tried going to my mechanic the light had gone off and there were no error messages when they plugged it on their reader. After that happened couple times I decided to purchase my own ODBII reader.

My choice? ODBII Car Diagnostic by Prodiag. Check the Unboxing below.

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Where is my money

Here is my latest animation of Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub (The Fighter and the Kid) fighting. Bryan owed $3,000 to Brendan, due to some UFC bets, and he didn’t pay him for couple weeks. Brendan decided to collect his money Zero Dark Thirty style.

The audio is taken from The Fighter and the Kid Episode 179.