Solo: A Star Wars Story – Review

Another week another movie!!! I am starting to love my MoviePass these days! This time went to the theater to watch my favorite smuggler’s, Han Solo, origin story and it didn’t disappoint me.

I will try to keep this review just like my other reviews, as spoiler free as it can get but I can’t hide my excitement that couple of scenes do show us why Han and our favorite Wookie, Chewbacca, are so close with each other. 

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Deadpool 2 – Review

Deadpool, your favorites villain’s, favorite Super Hero. His unconventional ways make his in my opinion a fan favorite. The attitude that fans got from the same movie is the same attitude that we get from our main character throughout the whole movie and it doesn’t stop to amaze me.

The movie starts off with a very interesting scene in its own unique and fun way! Deadpool and usual friends of Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus and with some new additions take us for a very fun ride.

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Avengers: Infinity War – Review

I finally went and watched Avengers: Infinity War!

So I was 2+ weeks late so what? I am not a huge fan of Avengers kind of guy! Thor and company for me are just not that exciting!

My friends wanted to see this movie so I decided to watched it as well. I used my Movie Pass for the first time for this movie and this was the first Avengers movie that I watched on the big screen. The previous two movies I ended up watching them on my 40″ TV.

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Esolom Smart Plugs

Recently I decided to get a smart plug to control a fan that I like to have on when I go to sleep but I usually turn off sometime during the night.

The original plan was to control the plan with Alexa through my Echo Dot and Google Assistant from my Honor 6x Phone to simple use a voice command to turn it off instead of having to reach for it in the middle of the night or just use it as a timer.

So the product I ended up getting was Esolom Smart Plug (2 pack) at a very good promotional price at that time.

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Prodiag ODBII Unboxing

I recently had my Check Engine light come on and off like every couple days on my truck. It was very annoying because every time I tried going to my mechanic the light had gone off and there were no error messages when they plugged it on their reader. After that happened couple times I decided to purchase my own ODBII reader.

My choice? ODBII Car Diagnostic by Prodiag. Check the Unboxing below.

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Where is my money

Here is my latest animation of Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub (The Fighter and the Kid) fighting. Bryan owed $3,000 to Brendan, due to some UFC bets, and he didn’t pay him for couple weeks. Brendan decided to collect his money Zero Dark Thirty style.

The audio is taken from The Fighter and the Kid Episode 179.